Won't You Help Us Find A Cure For Childhood Cancer?

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The P4Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, founded by 16-year-old Gino Vizzi


On September 9th 2014 during a doctor’s visit for a persistent cough, Gino’s battle with cancer began. Blood tests led to more tests and those tests led to even more. After just a short period, the 16-year-old was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). It’s very rare for children under the age of 17 to be diagnosed with this type of cancer. It’s also incurable. Gino will be taking a pill form of chemo every day and he will continue for the rest of his LIFE. Gino is a very spiritual 16-year-old who has always – and is still – continuing to put everyone’s feelings and worries in front of his own. Even during this “battle” of life he has found a way to help others affected by cancer.

The P4 Foundation was inspired by Gino’s friends and supporters. The Foundation’s Board members are comprised of Gino’s family and a wide range of business professionals who bring the same passion and mission to the Foundation as Gino.

P4 Stands for Pray For

The day Gino was diagnosed, the first thing he said to his parents was:

“God gave me this for a reason—and that’s to help other children and families dealing with cancer by getting people to start praying and have faith in the power and purpose of GOD. And that is what I will do!”


True to his word and vision, this is what started happening with Gino’s family, friends, teammates, classmates, school, and community. Within days of his life-changing news, prayers were being sent and kids were pouring out their hearts to Gino through messages, tweets, texts, and phone calls. His friends and teammates even had shirts and wristbands made with #P4GV (Pray for Gino Vizzi) on them.

That is how the P4 Foundation came into being.

Today, the P4 Foundation works directly with children and families impacted by childhood cancer to provide support, hope, and faith-filled encouragement, as well as financially supports research for childhood cancer treatments and cures.

We accomplish our mission and vision through our own internal resources, direct contributions, and special fundraising events.

How We Help

Where your donation goes

Every advancement in curing childhood cancer is the result of research. At the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, we are committed to excellence and innovation in pediatric cancer and blood disorders research. Our rapidly growing research program includes physicians and Ph.D.s in the following fields of study: BMT, brain tumors, cancer survivorship, leukemia/lymphoma, solid tumors, hemostasis/thrombosis, sickle cell disease, gene therapy and transfusion medicine. At the Aflac Cancer Center, there is a significant opportunity to advance research and teaching in pediatric hematology/oncology.

Aflac 7-10-15

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P4 Foundation, Inc. Is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible. Please consult a tax professional with questions regarding your deductions.

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Won't You Help Us Find A Cure For Childhood Cancer?